PhotoHunt: Four

60 thoughts on “PhotoHunt: Four”

  1. In Korea they avoid Nr. 4 even in house numbers 😉
    OK, def. hungry after the last pic. That looks yummy!
    And thanks for the warning, I won't try Meister (sounds German?)
    The leg pic i cool 😀

  2. Mmm… I dunno. I could get you down to four of those on the right… they look mighty tasty! I knew the Chinese considered 4 a bad omen, but I didn't know it was a homophone for the word for "die". That might explain a lot of it!

  3. nolo..i only drink like once a month…
    not any closer to be deemed as beer mui la
    im a goody goody gal okie!
    don't mislead my readers 😀

  4. oitsss….. sandakan damn nice… alot of chinese ppl… can visit sepilok to c org utan, can go gua gomantong to c caves like gua niah…. can go philipines… hahahaha…. alot of clubbing places, food heaven, bakuteh,bla bla bla/….

  5. they are indeed delicious 🙂 i wish i could fax some to u :p
    make sure u avoid da number of four when u are socializing with chinese 😉

  6. lol!
    that’s just peanut compared to today’s system…
    my students know 脱衣服, 玩游戏…but they donno 一二三四五 =.=

  7. i heard that there's many cantonese-speaking chinese there!
    food heaven? great!
    but i will be staying in outskirt…not so convenient one…but i will see how…
    ehh…u wanna go any island or not? we go together after my practical la… okie?
    and ehh, i comfirm will go labuan hor…make sure u have time to layan me xD

  8. there's a saying…
    one man's meat is another man's poison…
    someone might no pantang
    but most of da chinese would surely avoid number four especially elderly ones…

  9. I also avoid the number 4 as much as possible because I was told it's unlucky. Cool shot of legs. You and your friends must enjoyed that fun shot.

  10. ur practical in sdk from when to wehn? coz im planing to go there again.. haha… where wil u be staying? yeah there mostly canto speaking ppl..lahad datu also, but more hakka there..

  11. my practical from 20th april – 13th june…
    will be staying in provided accommodation…have no idea where izzit, one thing for sure, very ulu place cos research center ma 😦
    u come during weekend la, then u bring us go mum good food okie? 😉

  12. It’s 21st century such believes should stay in the past. Besides what if you’re born on 4, 14 or 24 day of the month? Should we kill those people? i don’t think so. Personally I like 14, but I detest the number 7. 🙂

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