29 thoughts on “Botanical”

  1. I like nature so your photos are really nice!

    Btw, sorry about your photo in my blog – didn't have time to choose a really good one. Maybe you pass me your good photo next time I can use if you are first commenter on my blog : )

  2. thanks wei…
    im flattered by your compliments 🙂
    credits to my trusty josh, err…good lightings and steady hands (for macro shots) and err..myself *smug* :$

    i believe practice makes perfect 🙂

  3. thanks for da compliment 🙂
    i can't zzz tonight already cos too eppie 😮

    okok, i will send a flattering pic of mine tomorrow okie?
    no more bulbous nose 🙂

  4. i have always likey snapping away…
    and i likey to stalk photobloggie trying to pick up their skills:D
    ps is pretty handy too :p
    gal and camera is inseparable, don't u know that? :p

  5. thanks man xD
    my hostel is surrounded by lust greenery, or in another words, im staying in sampa (山芭) =/
    that's why it so natural here o.0

  6. just posted up today :$…
    was busy with some other stuffs yesterday, like yamcha with friends to celebrate earth hour =.= …
    nono, i was really occupied yesterday as i have a seminar to attend 😀

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