Back To Basic

so, i have been working for one week now, and i can already conclude that working life is never a bed of roses. seriously. on my second day to work, i already experienced politics. oh gawd. people tends to take us interns for granted u know. they thought that they as permanents are larger than … Continue reading Back To Basic

Aloha :)

greetings from Sandakan 🙂 i was meant to update earlier one but walao my accommodation have no internet connection…even celcom broadband shows me a bloody EDGE =.=||| sien…but at least i can online during working hours…if i have nothing to do la…which is only today cos first day to work and my superior only brief … Continue reading Aloha 🙂


ps: i was meant to publish this yesterday night, somehow something happened and i only get to click da publish button this morning… after four-consecutive-agonizing-stayed-up-late-nights-and-woke-up-early-mornings, most of us were half dead by da end of da forth paper…both physically and mentally 😦 i think i look like guai here. well, inilah padahnya tidur four hours … Continue reading Post-finals