How Open is Open-minded?

9 thoughts on “How Open is Open-minded?”

  1. Get a friend to go with you lor…
    Who knows may be he is a prince charming and you immediately fall in love with him. Then you can go to his hotel…

    You told me you've been fishing for man. Now you have *another* chance. Remember to wear your fishnet 😀

  2. WTF:@
    judging from his pics in fb, he looks quite siman…but then he got a ohmaigawdly beauuutiful gf! pfft
    i donwan end up getting a tight slap on my face while im walking down a street one day okie!

    and eh u think i so cincai, follow people back to hotel one ar WTF

  3. There are a lot of dangerous men looking for 1-night stand out there. Stay away from them would you, ant! I dun agree with what some commenting here, even it is love at first sight, doesn't mean that you have to go to bed with him/her already. What kind of world is it out there now! I can't believe some of you here encourage ant to go to this guy hotel! Shame on you who comment this!

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