Aloha :)

28 thoughts on “Aloha :)”

  1. Wah your working place so pedalaman.
    You know what? crab is actually very cheap… just that here in the big town demand is big… so it's pricier.

  2. Oh, you are in Sandakan now! I was planning to fly over to Sandakan last week to visit the Sepilok Orang Utan but not enough time so abandoned the idea! Oh, sorry can't help you with crab. I've absolutely no idea how to slaughter them alive! LOL!

  3. No idea how to slaughter crabs… eat I know. Where you wanna invite me over to have some CHEAP but yummilicious seafood?… I want crabs!

  4. i have never sick of seafood …
    but im afraid that if i eat too muchy now hor, two months later i will be allergy to it then cham lo…life is lifeless niao :S

  5. seafoods in peninsular is costly too…
    sabah is surrounded by sea, that's why seafoods is cheap here 🙂

    i really wish i could update more…but i can't 😦

  6. kwik way.:
    1. Boil a water. while is boiling drop dat crab in boiling water.

    slow way got 2:
    1. do not untied the rope that tied to dat krab. turn back dat krab peel their buntot and stab wif sword or knife.

    1 more way ar?
    put that krab in microwaves and set to high. but this way I no recommended la later that krab X-plode.

    the better way is you drown dat krab……….
    put in the freezer la.

  7. i have heard of da stabbing…i thought is its heart?…or izzit buttock? :S
    i don\\'t any microwave here…so no explode will occur…don sked

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