Back To Basic

25 thoughts on “Back To Basic”

  1. ahahah you give all the ppl at your work such funny names! flesh eating bacteria!!! and hou yan haha i am improving my chinese from reading your blog

    and hey! i have been watching cooking shows lately too and they all say good chefs should *start simple & know the basics* so you are doing it right lah *thumbs up* do you have a signature dish yet? haha u know all pros should have one 😉

  2. Weh not bad la you clean the fishy & prawns. All that groceries for RM100? Wah expensive le. I thought pedalaman suppose to be cheaper. Anyway looks like you have a lot of fun. If no, where can gain weight right? 😛

  3. Haha! Just be patient with that dai ka jie lah! Good thing you also have a hou yan in your midst!

    Yah, the mee hoon so oily! No wonder you getting fat!

    So also no tarap fruits in Sandakan? I really wanted to eat it! 😦

  4. lol…u can learn cantonese as well… 🙂

    signature dish? pro? not any closer… T-T
    cos i don't even know how to fried veggie T-T
    every time also half cooked one? how How HOW? T-T
    teach me teach me…u are da pro la 😉

  5. pedalaman ain't cheaper cos transportation cost is hefty le…just imagine from town to pedalaman need around three hours…how to cheap u say la…
    da other i bought a jam from Beluran (a pekan) costs 5.20bucks and i saw it costs only 4.60bucks in town T-T
    i feel like an aunty now..u know, bargaining…

    working life is FUN only during off day like sunday! seriously

  6. sandakan is beautiful undeniable…
    but im here in outskirt ulu place…not so beautiful niao 😦

    i prefer studying…rather than i normal?

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