for its mcd cos bint-ulu no have mcd so as sandakan! mcd franchise very expensive one ar huh? gorgeous beaches (island) clear blue sea gorgeous sky my limbs are like red lobsters now T-T ;-( making me looks like a :-(|) (excruciating) festa keamatan tomorrow! yeah to tapai and boo cos tomorrow i will be … Continue reading I


  my charred sausages as u can see, my attempt to prepare a hearty brekkie this morning went down the drain. they say practice makes perfect, so after practicing for one month plus, this (which looks exactly like someone’s burnt full-lipped) is only what i capable of! great! seimou (sweat)  grace, no, dont mistaken this … Continue reading Charred

Brief Hiatus

i have so muchy to blog but at da same time i have so muchy work pending to be done! i have determined that i MUST finish my work (at least 50% if not 100%) then i CAN blog. i mean a proper post… don’t give up on me ar… Continue reading Brief Hiatus