27 thoughts on “*Evil Grin*”

  1. yeah that the way my loved………..
    do it again……
    you indeed revenge for me this time.
    I let you knoe dis thing sepit me last time

  2. my colleagues boiled them alive as they will taste sweeter… who\\'s more cruel?
    and this (stabbing) is da most effective way to kill them, fast and efficient!

  3. actually that krab sepit me while I go picnic at sea side.
    while I playing sea water at waist level that krabs sepit me at that time.

    it didn't sepit me while I slaughter that krabs.

  4. i cant find a chopstick in da house as my housemate is a kadazan la..she doesnt know how to use chopstick and im no a chopstick person…thats why 🙂

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