37 thoughts on “Charred”

  1. Wah, looks so yummy! I want to eat those sausages!

    Hey, if you have a minute, do come to my blog to see the Super GT queens.

  2. gordon ramsay means what ar?…
    my accommodation no have oven la…but have a oven-like thingy…
    i have no idea have to bakar for how many temp and mins le seimou

  3. cannot!
    but no choice le …nothing left in da fridge and i must have brekkie to kick start my day…
    i skinned it so its healthier right? hehe

  4. HAHA
    you get 10/10 for effort lah! who cares what the sausages look like
    sausages are not generally known for their beauty anyway ;p

    hey hey keep practicising =D and i will practice too. and then maybe in like one .. year… we will be capable of making gourmet five star breakfasts like the ones you eat in hotels hahaha

  5. hopefully that day will come *crosses fingers*
    i dont think da day will come that soon as i can only cook for da next two weeks, after that, it will be back to tedious uni food 😦

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