Boxer Or Underwear

20 thoughts on “Boxer Or Underwear”

  1. hahahha i've heard both sides….some guys like it loose and airy while others like to keep it secure in their tighties. ahhaha! ;P

  2. i prefer underwear. coz it safe mah, very safe indeed.
    you know why?
    guys….. gentlemen you did'nt see ladies in sports wear ?
    Take X-some-ple when you play tennis then beside the court they some ladies playing as well. The ladies jumpin and bouncing plus the skirt almost see it?

    If you wear nothing at all except pants then they will some thing bad happen , and in same time your fren make a super "smash" and you had no time to react and the ball straight to……. to……… ouch!!!!!!

  3. hahaha
    u no in australia they have "underwear with padding"
    to give added protection and support for your haha brother when you walk around half naked on the beach

  4. really ar?…i have never heard of this…
    padding is good for brother, they should have it here in malaysian too, to protect malaysian brothers…lol

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