Flying Without Wings

24 thoughts on “Flying Without Wings”

  1. wow… great!! i think i will enjoy the flying =p hihihi…i wanna fly more after the super duper awesome sky diving in new zealand =p

  2. wow! sky diving…i had a (similar) parachuting ordeal when i visited pulao manukan in kk…but i was controlled by a string from da boat like kite flying… =.=

  3. nolo nolo…i wasnt there to impress anyone lo…
    but my boss said that he havent see any gal jump off from that waterwall…i thought he was kinda challenging us, so just to prove that we gals are different 😀

  4. i just learned from my colleague that her friend was drowned there at da same spot few years back :S…. im seriously glad that we are still alive wei! phew… *wipe sweat*

  5. i think if we knew that someone was drowned there, we dare not jump wei…whenever we look back at these videos, we are very very glad that ohmaigawd we are still alive…

    jump at your own risk ar!

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