Sweet Cow

24 thoughts on “Sweet Cow”

  1. hahahha…she is a filipino afterall XD forgive her… *i have many nice filipino friends*
    fried kangkung?? so far i only have tried fried kailan!! would like to try it…. where??lahad?? too far >.<

  2. Sweet cow? Haha! That's funny!

    But the sweet cow meehoon looks good! Yummy! Even the konlou min with roast duck looks good! Maybe I'm hungry!

    Fried kangkung? Don't believe I have tried that before. Sounds delicious dipping them in the chilli sauce!

  3. da sweet cow is just so-so…da roast duck looks tempting…i should have ordered that!…haiya…boss can u courier it to me next time u happen to drop by LD? and not forgetting da nasi donnowhat can? :p

    fried kangkong is nice but aint a healthy dish i would say…as it's very very oily 😦

  4. all work and no play makes annant a very dull gal le :p and i only traveled during weekend…i get all da travelling all muchy thanks to da boss… 😉

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