Da Place, Da People

23 thoughts on “Da Place, Da People”

  1. Yupe! Life is not easy. But it depends on how it make the best out of it. ^_^ Even finding a rich bloke that loves you whole-heartedly is not an easy "job" either.

    Wow! It's been 2 months huh? Time really flies. Reminds me of my internship too. 😀

  2. 2 months flew so fast right?
    i see you enjoyed your intern. looking forward for more entries from you.
    AND good luck for the internship reports and presentation. 😀

  3. u can surely understand me right…da reports and presentation…urghhh 😦
    will blog about my stay in sabah…as soon as i finish my r & p 😉

  4. i did gain a lot from my internship! like getting to travel around like hunting a rich bloke as goal of life like how seafood is so cheap there like how it feels like to be a mom…lol…

    thanks man..so are u still in bint-ulu huh?

  5. parting is equated with sorrow that's how i ended up weeping during da farewell…but we will sure to meet each other again…everyone can fly now with air asia bah :p

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