Sabah vs Sarawak

23 thoughts on “Sabah vs Sarawak”

  1. sarawak is my home.
    but sabah will always be a great place to travel. the islands and the mountains, a perfect combination!
    i've yet to climb mount KK but planning to do so soon. 😀

  2. Don't you ever set foot to Sarawak anymore, I'm a Sarawakian with sullen face and really bloody as well. Haha.. I have to agree with you that some of the eateries and local stores in Sarawak really need an upgrade on their customer service. Sometimes I feel like banging their head for their reluctance to show their hundred million smile while serving customers. Just be friendly to customers and you will win their heart.

  3. Ya…the sea around Sabah is soooo beautiful! Hey! Sea at Melaka equally bad leh…and lots of oil slicks! Eating places in Sibu much nicer than SOME places in KK/Sabah and a lot cheaper. Seafood in KK nicer…but so expensive! Sandakan's a bit cheaper… As for hostels, you must go to see my daughter's in Sg Petani, Kedah. Dah upgrade from maktab to institute konon! My foot! It is really really BAD!!! B-A-D, bad! And who made it so? The students, I'm sure… Tiada disiplin langsung…and to think that they are going out to be teachers!!! Lord have mercy!

  4. I only agree on the 1st point about sea in sabah is prettier than in sarawak. You have not traveled to every place in sarawak and sabah though to make a complete comparison.

  5. Never set foot on Sarawak, but my impression of it isn't so great.
    Forest in Sarawak is cleared for Bakun dam, blah blah blah…

    You haven't mentioned Sabah's Mt Kinabalu and Orang Utan sanctuary yet…

  6. I am always comparing Sabahan and Sarawakian in my blog. Two friends of mine, Chuan and Chris (Sabahan and Sarawakian respectively) always become my topic in blog. "Sabahan's Balls are tougher than Sarawakian, eat that, nah!!" lol

    Type "sarawak" in my search box to read related post, lol

    Annant, want exchange links ma?

  7. finally a sarawakian see eye to eye with me xD
    we always thought how come these proprietors can survive that loong ar?… :@
    as conclusion, there's not muchy competition here…try to do that in kl, im 300% u will wongfenghong shao dong in 1month!

  8. 😀 lol!
    last time when i was in sibu, i didnt really tried local authentic food cos roomie brought me to jap restaurantsss, then home-cooked yummy dinner, then had meals in shopping centre, then yamcha in cafe =.= … hopefully get a chance to visit sibu again and meet u!

    im really wondering how BAD can your gal's hostel be? mine here got lotsa stray cats…so geli i loathe cat can!!! then they pee ALL over da place, like in the pantry u say gek sei or not! and some of them are fed with whiskas! siao one!😀 lol!

  9. didnt mention cos havent conquer it!…orang utan sacntuary, u mean da one in sandakan? then im proud to say that i have stepped foot on it.. xD

  10. means u are from sarawak lo?
    did hopped over to your bloggie and searched 'sarawak'…
    haha…and im drooling at your last search result =.=
    neh, photoes that make u goes 'omg i damn hungry now' o.0

    link exchange? okie! but how? do i have to make myself a banner? haha

  11. btw, i was trying to leave comment in your bloggie somehow i was blocked due to donno what proxies changes :S how ar? it says need u to change permission or something liddat :S

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