English Tea House, Sandakan

28 thoughts on “English Tea House, Sandakan”

  1. whoa… new loook!!!! now this one is definitely better….

    eh the cake is expensive leh… talking about cake.. i tried layer cake at yr hometown last few weeks.. and it was awweeeesommeee….

  2. i never know layer cake is famous in malacca 😮 where where?
    hey u are more malaccan than me now T-T sei mou

    im still trying to play around with css…css is fun wei 😉

  3. Wow! A brand new look huh Annant! Awesome. The new feel is fresher and definitely more attractive. 😀 It looks quite "antique"…I mean the environment. The cakes does look tempting…too bad it is only served in small slices. LOL :p

  4. Nice! I like your new home! Very nice pics too! The pics didn't belanja you kah? I hear often when see people take photos especially of the food, they treat…cos bloggers, hoping to get good write-up!

  5. my fren told me bout this place before i went to sandakan…she then told me it's located up a hill and i felt 😦 cos (i thought) sure got no chance to go since da company (where i served my internship) is sooo far away from it…
    glad that boss brought us there! 🙂
    cheesecake is yummy when it's served warm…seriously

  6. thanks for liking me…ahem, i mean my new home :p

    free food? that never happen to me, nah, im just a puny blogger 😦 some more armed with a laoya point-n-shoot cam…
    i saw someone with hugeass canggih camera when i was there…donno whether he got free food not le…emmm…

  7. okok..but im afraid that i might forget since i will only be back during cny =.=
    dataran pahlawan…i wanna go shopping….not that i have moolah now la :p

  8. nice ler… *shows off*
    im still trying to play around with css before class starts 🙂

    u also find the cakes are pricey hor…but occasion indulgence is allowed right right?

  9. War…you are really good with CSS o Annant! Mind teaching me one day. Haha 😉

    Yeah! Occasional indulgence is allowed. But just make sure we don't over indulge!

  10. moumantai! as if im a guru liddat =.= i learnt from web too…lotsa tutorials available lo…try googling 😉
    and are u trying to hint that im growing horizontally T-T

  11. Hi,

    I wonder whether the tea house owners are behind times! Surely the menu should reflect that
    Sandakan is in Sabah, Malaysia before adding Borneo (makes me think of headhunters and
    people still living up on trees,lol).

    A true Sandakanite

  12. Glad u like the place, maybe it’s because of the greenery and leisurely way of life in Sandakan. Yeah, that’s the way to enjoy life!

  13. i miss sabah a lot actually…da seafood. da people. da astaga! (haha). da beach. everything…
    will step foot in sabah again next year 😉

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