18 thoughts on “Blackouts”

  1. i wouldnt mind if it happen during da day though it might be hot…
    but it happened at night when my roomie wass away and da whole block left only like 3 souls and i didnt have candle with me and it was so dark and da bloody emergency light aint working!
    oh da candle u saw *point up* is from kiki…

  2. Sibu oso had two blackout two days consecutively Wednesday n Thursday. Mayb it is only my area I dont know. Yes, I have forgotten how u look like 🙂 hhahahahahahha

  3. War…what happened? Your uni didn't pay electricity? Ir is it they are trying to be eco-friendly? Haha :p You are playing with fire…better be careful o.

  4. wah how nice if i could turn back time… * reminisces da past*
    i think only happened in my stupid uni lo…luckily today no blackout *touchy kiki*

  5. blackout in sibu also? whatabout miri n kching? da whole swak in darkness :S
    how can u forgot how i look like T-T that's why da pic serves as a reminder 😉

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