Black & White

30 thoughts on “Black & White”

  1. haha its funny cus in north america everyone wants to get tanned but in asia everyone wants to be lighter!!! ;P sorry i dont know of any whitening creams though! 😦

  2. it's because they are lack of melanin…while we asian have tonnes of it in out body pfft!
    and im da kind who tanned immediately and takes forever to fade to fair T-T

  3. i dont usually do that too…
    but who on earth will cover all up at beach? =.= im just trying to be a normal lass and clad in bikini…hence da tan T-T

  4. i applied da whole bottle of sun lotion …still, im tanned fml
    speaking of b&w, zhong wu yan starred by sammi cheng comes into my mind…why ar? =.=

  5. Don't know any whitening product. How about Bio-Essence Tanaka White Rejuvenating Whitening Day Cream? Oops! Not sure whether that's for the face only or whole body!! Juz notice it because the famous HK star Linda Chung promoting it : )

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