So, Monday Tomorrow?

28 thoughts on “So, Monday Tomorrow?”

  1. Another few hours then this sem is done right! Wow! Time flies. In a blink everything is done…or gone. Anyway I hope you can finish your thesis research and proposal on time. Did mine too 2 years ago. Haha πŸ˜€

  2. thanks stp πŸ˜€ added u in fb finally hehe…
    one more year to go… πŸ˜‰ hopefully i get to drop by sibu again in this one year…

  3. For me the work and travelling are both fun! I wish one day I could work in such company…but too bad there's no such company in Malacca. :S

  4. too bad huh….
    i so wanted to work on an island…diving instructor sounds nice…hopefully i could fork a lump sum to sign up diving course next year hehe…btw, which part of mlc are u staying ar?

  5. Yeah! I like the fishes. I would love to work on an island too…the carefree feeling! Aww….I had my open diver license already. But it is really basic. I'm staying some where around town. You too?

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