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  1. Huh? No Gardenia in Sarawak? I thought they are quite "national"! Ha :p The can drink is really special. It is the first time I have come across such unique drink. LOL ;P

    And it is from a bread maker!

  2. yup, a big fat NO. no gardenia in swak..i couldnt believe it too when i was first here…no hi5 either =.= …my mami said 'siao' when she learnt that from my fren…haha..

  3. i also donno why la…local brand not nice at all, so dang thick 😦 but we have no choice 😦
    btw, butterscotch very yummy n fragrant! ❤ imagine im one who aint a butter-lover saying that i ❤ it…</strong>

  4. Don't like Gardenia…the buns – sambal ikan bilis sucks! So smelly! The muffins and cakes…just so-so, nothing great! Last time, they sold at hospital canteen here in Sibu – I guess people bought as no choice, and in the end, they also stopped selling…. Even in KL, I notice that it is being pushed out by other brands like High-5…. Not so easily available anymore! In my daughter's institute in SP (Kedah), last time they sold…also no more! Tak laku!

  5. I heard that Gardenia bread is unhealthy. Read report here. I still eat it once in a while with my favourite butter and kaya! And sometimes peanut better 😀

    What?! No gardenia bread in Sarawak? I am surprised!

    Didn't know that gardenia also comes out with drinks!

  6. Gard~ what?! What the hell is that? Never heard of such thing before! Sarawak don't have… LOL!!! Just kidding! Of course I know what's gardenia! Gardenia is a type of flower! :p A brand for ROTI lar…Hahahaha!!!

    Never liked Gardenia. Thank God they couldn't penetrate Sarawakian market. By right, you should boo sama Gardenia, not Sarawak. Gardenia couldn't make it in Sarawak because they didn't market it well here.

    Was forced to eat Gardenia buns during orientation in uni – didn't like it, still don't like it, never will like it. What's with the sambal ikan bilis bun?! Stink to no end! The muffin and cakes sucks too! Will stay away from Gardenia for as long as possible.

  7. havent really tried buns…but da butterscocth superb yummy lo! my roomie, a sibu-ian also lurve it so muchy le 😀
    came across high 5' factory pics from forwarded emails. walao so dirty can die… 😦

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