Annant Over Boys

22 thoughts on “Annant Over Boys”

  1. Boys over flowers? They said this movie is similar to what F4's movie right? I'm not a fan of idol's movie. No offense. :p

    But it's good to know you enjoy watching it.

  2. Glad you're better. Take care now. As for the boys, eyew……!!! They look like girls, so fair like girls… Are they boys? Gosh!!! Don't girls like men – sexy, hunky, macho men…anymore?

  3. thanks…
    bout da boys, one of them is macho 😀 but i dont really likey his character in da drama hehe…i likey kim hyun joong! <3</strong>

  4. haha..i was almost recovered that's why can stay up that late, da day before i zzz-ed at 9pm after flu medication =.=
    he is a HE. a pretty one tho =.=

  5. a piece of advice, better watch it when u are free. cos once u start, u cant stop at one. seriously. u will go on and on till finish. like me…

  6. Really? The Korean one is better? I didn't watch the Taiwan version too. Maybe I don't like it. But since you recommend it…perhaps I can watch it. :p

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