Too Fast Too Furious

20 thoughts on “Too Fast Too Furious”

  1. Ya…haven't been to Bint-ulu for a long time but I hear a lot of new places…complexes, hotels. The last time I went Farley just opened, nothing much in the town….TOWN lah, where got city status yet. LOL!!! Well, I guess you won't be staying there much longer, finishing and going home liao!!!

  2. You having exam around the corner? Your post reminds me of those days….sleepless nights. Yikes!

    P/s: Try to get more sleep. I know 24 hours a day is insufficient but we cant change that :P.

  3. when i first got here, da farley was a tiny puny one, not da one in medan now…and luckily there's parkcity mall…if not i think im dead by now! not that it's very shoppable la…

    ya, it's town hor…edited it niao haha

    if u happen to drop by bint-ulu, remember must belanja me yamcha ar *behpaisehness* xD

  4. nice? o.0
    interesting? o.0
    a big fat NOOOO!
    bint-ulu lo, where got nice and interesting?
    cham lo, if any bint-ulu-ian read this, sure kena chop niao :S

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