My KK Trip In Polaroids

56 thoughts on “My KK Trip In Polaroids”

  1. Waiyor…so many nice and interesting photos!!! I love KK… Gosh! You stayed at that hotel – anybody approached you or not? Eeee…that's the first thing I will ask when I want to choose a hotel. Good that you mention it LOUD & CLEAR. I wouldn't go near it, that's for sure.

    P.S. Sibu no Gardenia cos we have our own very nice bread and buns, no need to get from so far away – not fresh liao! Btw, have you found the bakery in Bintulu that sells giant bun with chicken curry inside! Last time RM10 each, dunno now. VERY nice!!! My friend used to buy for me when he came to town…

  2. Hello ant how are your ar?
    yeah I'm appear again
    It because I change my streamix from $88 to $66
    I will see all your prevoius post and condamn it here ok….

    er…. you know why sarawak dun have gardenia?
    try say in Hokkien Slang.

  3. Yes! Yes! That's it! With chicken curry inside. You cut the bun up and dip in the curry gravy and eat! Nice! I also saw it on AFC on Astro…they have it in Singapore, and in somebody's blog – I think In Perak too. Dunno if it's available anywhere else – not in Sibu, but they've got it in Bintulu…

  4. you why Gardenia dun have in sarawak?
    if you are hokkienese try say in hokkien version
    if you know a bit try say in hokkien slang
    if you are not hokkienese ask friend who are hokkien.

  5. actually da lodge is pretty decent one during da day…stp, im 200% u are safe! don sked! :p

    giant bun with curry chicken inside? WHERE???
    10buck? so bloody expensive o.0…
    would lurve to try it nonetheless xD
    tell me WHERE!!!

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