update (20090710, 1425): im back to normal 36.8°C! (clap) if u follow me in twitter, u will know that i have been a lil’ unwell da past few days 😦 from flu –> 36.8°C (normal) –> running nose –> 37.2°C (normal) –> tiring running nose –> 38.8°C (wah, high niao!)  –> flu + yellow phlegm –> unknown°C … Continue reading Unwell

she brought back TWO gardenia for me ❤ (sarcastic) dont look at me liddat, dont u know that there’s NO gardenia in sarawak!!! and do u know that there’s gardenia punya brand punya can drink? i didnt have them, hock did. he said they tasted like ordinary can drinks, nothing special wo… i think they … Continue reading