Sibu Trip In Pichas

annant whispers: it’s Theng da ganfuyamfu’s burfday! eppie 23rd woman ❤ see ya tonight 😉 as u guys know, i was in Sibu last week, with da primary purpose – flee from H1N1! it was a spontaneous decision. we only knew that we had to move out from our dorm da day itself (last Tuesday) … Continue reading Sibu Trip In Pichas

Hallo From Sibu

*wave* if u guys haven’t already know, im now in Sibu it’s a loong story why im here, to cut da story short, becos of H1N1. period. okie, a tad more, there’s +ve cases in my campus. period. mami: don simply go out ar in Sibu. drink more water. just stay in da house nevermind … Continue reading Hallo From Sibu

Black Tea

since u guys are keen to find out how Sabah Tea tastes like. so, here it is disclaimer: i ain’t a pro bon vivant! first thing first, Black tea is a variety of tea that is more oxidized than the oolong, green, and white varieties. Black tea is generally stronger in flavour and contains more … Continue reading Black Tea