Things To Do While Pooing

56 thoughts on “Things To Do While Pooing”

  1. so when you shitting ar…..
    did it ever make a loud LOUD noise? like brrrrreeet!!!!!!!!.
    then hor with smell with methane gases ……
    plus when it keluar got keras anot at the beginning? LOLz XD 😀

  2. Mine's usually a fast affair so I don't have time to do anything else. Besides, I find it gross to be reading or doing something else while you're seated in the toilet while finishing up business.

  3. i usually read my mag or crayon sinchan….OR surf net on my phone! HEHEHEH but i hardly do that now for the fear of dropping it into the bowl 😛

  4. it must be a automatic(sitting) wan then you fall too sleep
    if manual(squat) your teeth long gone ledi bah!
    my cousin do a manual on automatic type…… then suddenly he fall to sleep
    and you know what happen next

  5. This made me laugh! LOL!
    I usually read a magazine or book. If my laptop is charge, I'll haul it into the bathroom with me and, like you jokingly said, blog. Only, I really do blog while pooping. Or I'll tweet while pooping. LOL!

  6. I usually squeeze my stomach kuat kuat, like how we squeeze toothpaste. Come out faster mah! Efficient you know? hehehe. if it doesn't budge, I'll read a chapter of novel or so. I have my own personal toilet, no one can rush me 😛

  7. toking about shitting ar…..
    did you all ever Xperince like:
    while you at work, see your last episode show, some distance relatives come to your house then duduk lama lama
    playing your PS games that you enter the final stage and cannot be save then your perut kanot stand no more and you rush to
    "bilik menurun".
    my question is , at that time you all shitting or peeing 1st?

  8. mine's a slow and steady business, and i hate kena rushed cos it will ruin my mood and i cant poo for da whole day =.=
    only shred toilet in campus la

  9. i ALWAYS bring a book, and my labtop. 🙂 I also bring a pencil and paper, so I can write or draw. Sometimes I do my homework with me.

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