Korean BBQ Steamboat @ Bint-ulu

22 thoughts on “Korean BBQ Steamboat @ Bint-ulu”

  1. Awesome…2.5kg is really something! :p Aww…I wish I could join you guys in this competition too. Ha 😀

    Wow…the condiments look fabulous. The mix vegie is so yummy and majestic. Ha 😀

  2. Bintulu no French, Italian and Japanese restaurants? You open one, sure make big money 😀

    Youngsters of these days are so lucky. When I was a student, I couldn't afford this kind of food lah…

  3. at my place korean BBq use charcoal. Yeah It's CHARCOAL…… arang la….
    aitelyou It's very nice and good.
    the side dish like kimchi, salad, lettuce all free.

    droolin leh?
    wanna to try?

  4. Ah not sure if its the camera or the food. Either ways, it looks too good for me to stay satiated at this point. I'm running off to get some food right now.

  5. but i have no capital $$$ to kick start…mind investing? 😀
    i don’t dine out al da time, just once in a blue moon *defensive mode*

  6. da soup was bland at first, at da end it tasted sweet thanks to da veggies and meats 😀
    steamboat is best to have it on cold day 😉

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