Ruby Restaurant, Sibu

61 thoughts on “Ruby Restaurant, Sibu”

  1. Ouh…this must be a special restaurant huh? Family reunion dinner. :p I thing the one that attracted me the most is the butter scotch prawns. Must be delicious.

  2. You need to stop posting delicious looking pictures up. They make me crave for food late in the night! That noodle dish looks really good . . . now I want some yakisoba because those noodles remind me of it!

  3. Most welcome, annant…and it was a pleasure meeting you!

    Gee! First time you've met a fellow-blogger? I love meeting my blogger-friends and upgrade to real friends – not just some online acquaintance.

    Of course, no generation gap! I'm so very young mah…and such a very nice guy!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

    Hope you'll come again…and we can go and eat some more! LOL!!!

  4. First time i heard of lamb with mayo. In fact, the way they cook the food there looks new to me. I believe it's a total different food experience there. I should go to Sibu one day :).

  5. lamb mayo, sambal fish and butter prawns….damn, looks so delicious and all my fav food also ler….sibu also got nice food it seems.

    thanks for ur comment, sorry for my late reply…cant reply over the weekend only on weekdays. smile on ur g ads…

  6. i thought midin is available in Peninsular?
    as far as i know, only STP n i are bloggers…heard that Mr. Eng blogs too… 🙂
    u been to any blogger meet-up?

  7. luckily u flew to Penang da next day, if not i would have put on more weight lo 😛
    nice meeting u and ur gang too 😉 next time i chia u Tom Place okie! xD

  8. it was my first time having mayo lamb too 🙂
    Sibu is famous for its food, and errr….parks? xD make sure u come next time then ask STP to belanja haha

  9. I can see that Western culture is starting to integrate itself in Sarawak. Lamb w/ mayo? Butter scotch prawns? But they do look so delicious nonetheless!! *wipes* Thanks for the tissue.

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