Sibu Trip In Pichas

37 thoughts on “Sibu Trip In Pichas”

  1. bint-ulu? haha..
    nice pictures.. oh about h1n1. i know about it. but dont care la.. still go out =P

    p/s: why i see 2 comment sections here? one intense debate and another one the default one..

  2. sibu is so muchy betta in terms of food and entertainment!
    and of course i can have home-cooked meals in sibu thanks to roomie & da mami 😀

  3. Ooo…the fatty pork looks heavenly. Wonder which shop that came from. Btw, wait till you see the chocs my KL blogger-friend gave me!!! Will post on it soon!…Droooolll!!!! LOL!!!

  4. da chicken soup was yummo! it was boiled with one whole bird of chicken! and it’s totally ajinomoto-free *lick lip* * eying drumstick*

  5. da h1n1 hype subsided…less people are sighted with masks on…
    i have officially ditched intensedebate, now da comment section looks fine hor?

  6. i miss tim tam too, but my poor wallet doesn’t allow me to indulge in it…who’s da good samaritan wanna send me tim tam *eyes go high*

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