14 thoughts on “Suffocated”

  1. oomg when i read your blog i was like I FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME T_______T
    hahah you know i had to go makeup shopping yesterday to get a concealer stick
    from lack of sleep
    dyou use concealer? i highly recommend=D makes u look more awake
    and my friend says white eyeliner so i am going to try that

  2. i don’t really care muchy bout my cgpa too…at least 3.5 then cn niao 🙂 why am i so not kiasu ar? =.=
    hey, all da best ar 😀

  3. i use concealer too…loreal one 😀
    to camouflage scar and dark circles ;-(
    white eyeliner do make one look more alert, it’s true! cos i use that trick all da time (L)

  4. that’s what i did after finals! it feels good 😀
    there’s two more times for me to ditch wei have to treasure it O-)

  5. haih so true…actually i prefer uni’s life more than working life despite im whining and whimper how muchy ass-ignments kill me haha

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