Crunch Crunch Crunch

23 thoughts on “Crunch Crunch Crunch”

  1. iwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwantiwant *chant*

  2. haha… i used to have it daily for brekkie when i was younger (not that im old now ar!)
    till da day i buy it then i know it’s actually not cheap le (cos im paying ma but that’s not da point 😛 )


    harlooooo i see you have been redecorating your blog! very snazzy and professional!
    haha you have to teach me how to make my blog look prettier too yeah 😀

  4. haha what a humble girl, your blog is one of my favourites to visit
    i’m glad i’m on break now so i can catch up on all my blog reading
    i especially like all the smiley faces at the bottom :-(|) (^) (clap) (rotfl) (rainbow) (pizza) (laugh)

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