36 thoughts on “0909090909”

  1. actually not a lot of people is gonna notice about the splitting hair from left to right or right to left one, but when u look at the mirror, u actly tot yourself changed a lot, i also dont know why like that.. heheheheh…

    during my 0909090909~, i was working working working, then suddenly received a call from friend said she was very sien coz traffic jam due to too many ppl wanna go register, then only I know that day iwas 090909 =)

  2. Can’t remember what I did, didn’t do anything…but I had dinner at Roby on the 10th…and birthday dinner at my parents’ house on 11th. Going home for Hari Raya…or coming to Sibu?

  3. When it was 09/09/09, I actually didn’t . . . care? It was just another day for me, LOL. And your #1 made me smile. That’s one observant guy! Most guys are rather clueless about the subtle changes around them!

  4. u lurve ondeh-ondeh too? (handshake)
    i don’t really zzz in library but couldn’t resist la…da coolness from air-cond haha

  5. haha..actually i do look different with different parting, if i split left, will look more mature while younger (ahem) on da right…in da middle i look like ahma =.=

    i so wanted to witness 0909090909 but lecturer was prattling and i got carried away =.=

  6. maybe im da one who’s waited with eager anticipation? :S
    just thought it’s a special day tho i spent it in class la (glasses-nerdy)

  7. i know how to make ondeh-ondeh (with hugee gula melaka) too…but then with da limited resources here…how to make u say la 😦

  8. exactly!
    i was trying to assure him that i didn’t change anything but he insisted that there’s a (minor) change! that’s why i was surprised! haha

    my dad and bro are da clueless ones…even i dye my hair they didn’t notice a thing too…men…tsk tsk

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