34 thoughts on “Starry Yummy Busy Sunday”

  1. Eh, I’m craving for something sweet right now…that would hit the spot but my car is still in the workshop so I can’t drive out. :S

    My dad is a big fan of papaya and bananas but I didn’t get into it until recently. 🙂

  2. i thought da star is cutie :D, so camwhored with it…yup, me and da star cut from papaya and produced 932748327423 of vain pics u don’t wanna see (eyeroll)

  3. Some ppl just needs some teaching! *douch! Lol~! Nvm, they donno what beauty is~ There is always price to pay to be pretty? *ps: but of course not plastic surgery. Its a nono for me~ 😉

  4. i used to rebuff bananas due to udonreallyhavetoknow. (quiet)
    try to squeeze some lime or lemon on da payaya, very appetizing (eat)
    btw, hope ur car recuperate soon…and purleeese be kind to her hor.. (or izzit a he?)

  5. so good can have free payayas…but don’t consume too muchy later kena jaundice :-S *touchy wood*
    i used unripe one…cos i heard that unripe’s good for up there (beauty)

  6. i curi curi boiled it using rice cooker in my dorm shhhh…
    im so good in tongsui that mami will be proud of me (cute)
    so far only had it once la…where got so fast wo… (disapointed)

  7. that’s why they are called men… haha
    *nod nod* agreed with u that we need to pay to be pretty haha…just that depends on how muchy u are willing to pay…im a poor student, that’s why have to do it economically 😀

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