Brekkie@Super Soya Bean, Bintulu

36 thoughts on “Brekkie@Super Soya Bean, Bintulu”

  1. hah?
    you not a kurang manis person ar?
    no wonder la when i see your smile pics
    it looks like “forcely” to smile wan………
    😀 (laugh) (rotfl) (bye)

  2. i think this is da ONLY stall in bint-ulu selling homemade soya…da uncle in grey t-shirt is da louban. he even sells his soya n taufufa at local supermarket…that’s why it’s super haha

  3. da ckt was NOT that yummy as those of penang’s lo…everybuddy is going to penang =.= why oh why
    i gobbled da whole bowl of ttf, i CAN really eat! (eat)

  4. okie la okie la…….
    dun mad la….. sweetie…… 😉 (L) (L)
    here (F) for you I will (airplane) to you and gip you (bomb)
    and we both take a rest at (island)

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