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  1. I remember this heavily layered super sweet caked called Proton Saga. It’s made with lots of condensed milk and one slice is enough to give 10 men diabetes. I loved it though, can’t fint anyone who makes it THAT sweet anymore. 🙂

  2. Hey! They still practise that in Bintulu? When I was a kid, my friends and I went to every house in the kampung – never mind that we did not know them. There were so many colourful cakes on the table (last time no lapis yet)…and lots of flies hovering over them. And we were served fizzy drinks in very small glasses that we could swallow – one mouthful! LOL!!! Those were the days…

  3. i heard my friend saying.. don’t go in to the temple before u go berjudi. you will def lose @@”

    go after u berjudi. well. thats just what my friend told me. it sounded real. Tell ur aunty uncle that! (beauty)

  4. *very vibrant eh? actually each of da kuih lapis has its own unique name…i couldn’t be bothered to ask la…just chowed saja 😛

  5. rarely find this in peninsular…but i think there’s some bakery selling it…maybe at a higher price?
    most family we visited made their own kuih lapis le…so that’s not too sweet, me likey (eat)

  6. those i had were mostly home made! not too sweet, just nice :D…
    it’s expensive that’s why i never buy them with my moolah..haha, i had them for free nyek nyek! (curl-lip)

  7. u never tried it before? u should have!
    da toilet does exist…just that it’s so err…how should i say it..primitive! i was in awe… (excruciating)

  8. i donno if i tasted proton saga, i was served so assorted kuih lapis…and i couldn’t be bothered to ask what’s each call…i just chowed them down (eat) haha

    and what i had are mostly hand made, not too sweet, ngam ngam hou 😉

  9. since this’s da last raya i will be spending in swak, so i thought why not join da crowd for visiting instead of rotting in dorm…and i made da right choice…

  10. that’s my first time…and da last time doing it too… 😦 don’t really have muchy malay friends in peninsular 😦 im so gonna miss kuih lapis 😦

  11. yup! this traditional annual visiting is still practiced…in kampungs la i think…when they knew we were from uni who don’t get to fly back to celebrate this festive occasion, they served us with extra warmth …guess this is truly kampung style…don’t think da same apply in city lo

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