a guy friend of mine noticed that i changed my hairstyle! a guy!!! and all i did was changing my parting from right to left. that was it. i volunteered myself to be a cameragal for this three junias (read: juniors) who were trying to snap around the campus. that’s what we did in first … Continue reading 0909090909


lately, academical shitload is inundating me leaving me with no breathing space. it’s gradually tearing me up into pieces. never-ending datelines keep flooding in like nobody’s business T-T im trying to strive. my dorm is like hotel now. and my table is so messy with papers, notes and whatnot (just couldn’t be bothered wei) roll … Continue reading Suffocated

U're Sucha Sunflower

annant roars: stupid intensedebate goes berserk more often than usual! (N) i just have to ditch it…tata intensedebate hihi boring wp’s comment system 😦 my guy friends blurted *point up* to each other in class today. i looked at them in puzzle? it’s definitely not something good as they sounded sarcastic. they enlightened me after … Continue reading U're Sucha Sunflower