Lonely Barley

it’s only barley in it, nothing else, so lonely (sing, 2009) not really babe, there’s some hidden sago mingling with those barley… i still prefer to have barley with tong gua tui (winter melon strips) warmth barley + cool weather = slacky seimou Continue reading Lonely Barley


da other day da chlorophyll meter and sprayer that i haven been using for two months failed on me…no matter how hard i clamped da stupid chlorophyll meter on leaves and how hard i tried to spurt water out from da bloody sprayer, they just didn’t work! then i showed them to supervisor, he fiddled … Continue reading FML

Zhong Cao Jit

i know zhong cao jit is over for almost a week now. yet i feel like posting this up cos it’s our very last zhong cao jit celebration. it’s something memorable that i wanna document in AntzWorLd.net 🙂 better late or never right? so i betta fai tit blog about it before mojo dissipates away … Continue reading Zhong Cao Jit