Mushroom Head

22 thoughts on “Mushroom Head”

  1. my skool days oso have dark side
    luckily i didn’t turn into Darth Vader at that time
    if not all is under my mind control
    (laugh) (laugh) (laugh)

  2. da credit goes to lee fen. she sent them to me when i moved to malacca and i think i still owe her moolah le seimou :S
    i wasn’t a camwhore back then, traumatized by tong gu tao :S
    not anymore now *strokes silky hair*

  3. that’s why im glad that i found this pic in fb lo, i tagged myself and now we started adding each other 😀 haha
    one of my fb pet peeve, is people using other monikers instead of real name!

  4. how come all lost? u should have stored them with extra care u know! u can’t turn back time and snap anymore (dazed)

  5. i remember them cos i have pics of them with me…i actually forgotten others…thanks to fb now i can read their name out loud (dance)
    luckily most of them displayed real name…

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