16 thoughts on “Baybee”

  1. Excessive sleeping and still feeling tired and sleepy may be a sign of stress. Relax…go for a soothing massage….or take some herbal supplements that may help (at least psychology, if nothing else!)… Take care there! Hop over to Sibu when you can break away…and we go mam-mam again!

  2. i’ve been resting too muchy lately seimou…finals in two weeks time ;-( and i have two field trips before finals ;-( and i have to submit one scientific report and two chapters of fyp (N) time not enough (W)
    i must appreciate all this (dreadful workloads) since it’s my final year here (excruciating)

  3. i thought is sek tak si fok? haha
    i know i have to be grateful to have no problem with sleeping.
    some of my friends are suffering from insomnia (N)

  4. im those type who can zzz practical anytime anywhere anyhow!
    i was spotted dozing off while walking on a road…my friends =.=||||||
    dangerous i know (car) i was too tired then

  5. stress? maybe…been inundated with workloads lately..sooooo many deadlines to meet T__________T
    mustn’t procrastinate! *notes to self*

    will pop by sibu again if time permits and moolah too (fingers-crossed)

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