Zhong Cao Jit

22 thoughts on “Zhong Cao Jit”

  1. hehehe.. everyone goes to beach must take a “jump” photo one..
    yeah.. better blog more while u still can now, after working, i tell u..
    u and your friends wont have the free time/energy/annual leave to meet up together and plan for something like that.. =(

  2. that whitish phantom is da refection fron 1 of ur foe wear purple baju or pants or panties…..

    btw nice nails lor………

  3. i know i know that’s why im embracing my final year here…
    i spent most of da festival here except cny during da past four years…and my hometown friend are complaining about it already! =.=
    i will surely miss those moments when i get back…hopefully most of us will end up working in da same state haha

  4. wow.. play candles and lanterns at the beach..
    BBQ some more.. nice.. haha..
    and the picture.. kinda freaky la..but like you said.. should be reflections.. =P

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