QODD: Weirdest Allergen

seafood it’s da most common allergen everybuddy have heard of. some are selectively allergic to certain kinds of seafood like prawns only *cough* kikilala and bro *cough*. while some unlucky fellas are non-selectively allergic to all of da seafood. aww…poor thing… *tomatoes flung by* (bomb) rice u hear me right. R.I.C.E. da staple food to … Continue reading QODD: Weirdest Allergen


patronized this during lunchy hour today. as usual, we were blathering over our meals, dingbianhus to be exact…it was my FIRST time having it after staying here for 3 years plus (wow it took me that loong, and i have yet to try kuehchap). it was very yummy (after sprinkling some pepper in it). and … Continue reading WTF8888