Wild Man of Borneo@Sepilok, Sandakan

34 thoughts on “Wild Man of Borneo@Sepilok, Sandakan”

  1. War…nice post Annant! A lot of great pictures. But the one that takes the cake gotta be the police one. Why? because you said it was the first time you spotted them in Sandakan. LOL 😀

  2. point n shoot camera is easy to hide…not huge ass canggih camera lo

    but if u can pay thousands on da hacc, what’s da 10buck right? right.

  3. why are you pulling faces at us!! annant i think if you dyed your hair orange you would fit right in with d monkeys=p hahah

    anywayy your exams over nowww? *party time* (party) (island)

  4. wa…beh tahan… wonder that u all go see orang hutan or go there let orang hutan see you..u all look more funny then the orang utan la…frenz…Rotate the picture la..!!!! (sweat)

  5. only guailou will guai guai pay for that amount lo, so stupid one 😛
    partly becos their huge ass canggih cameras are too huge to be hid, see, this time p&s camera wins hands-down!

  6. =.= plus im so dark now, definitely fit right (left also can) if i have orange hair =.= why im humiliating myself T_________T

    finals ended on da 3rd already! (rotfl)
    but im so occupied with my final year project (W)

  7. i didn’t rotate da pic cos i donwan to scare u with our huge ass (600×800) portrait la…i know la u wanna see one person particular right right right? right.

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