Dinner@Sushi Tie, Bintulu

49 thoughts on “Dinner@Sushi Tie, Bintulu”

  1. i CAN really eat, no kidding okie! my galfren’s awed with my 24/7 craving for food =.=
    no wonder my weight never reduce! O-)

  2. i have never dined in sushi tei but i believe this’ uncomparable to sushi tie lo…sushi tei sounds more posh and uh more expensive too :@

  3. Try deactivate all your plugins. See the photos return or not. If return eh, then try to activate the plugins one by one. See which plugins is incompatible.

    Did ya delete your old WP files or you rename them like what I did?

  4. From your post, looks like the dinner had not been very enjoyable. Not good?

    Wow! Neo is your saviour! Next time, must ask him also if I have problems changing to wordpress. How come Neo don’t blog so much nowadays?

  5. they say da higher ur expectation, u tend to disappoint in da end. SO TRUE!!!
    it’s da 1st japanese restaurant in bint-ulu, that’s why da high expectation. i tried da one in sibu, so muchy better lo (knife)

    neo neo is a magician wei! did some trick then gaodim! so geng (clap)

  6. Huai Bin, they also have an outlet at Sing Kwong, Salim… Really prospering!!!

    I’m not into Japenis food… Hehehehehehe! Just don’t mind eating but don’t really enjoy it. Quite expensive some more, would rather go eat something else.

  7. once in awhile must treat ourselves with good food ma hehe

    i forgot which outlet roomie brought us to…but this one in bint-ulu really em dim lo…but donno why everytime also full house one! :-/

  8. that one im not sure but should buy the member card which is really worth it…for more info, please come to sushi king on 11th january…i wont be login in anymore coz going to bintulu tomorrow and wont have any internet connection unless i go to cc.. cheers.. 🙂

  9. Hey guys. Sushi king bintulu is now opened . located in parkcity mall third floors near the food courts. I was there in boulevard computer.i turn back and i see sushi king.”its stun me…Lot’s of new things will happened through this years come. We hope as we here wanted italian restaurant. exp; dome , starbucks coffee ,coffee beans and others are dunkin’s donats and big apple’s donat’s. For sure. Amo’s famous shop lot also. Cause we all know’s about the new things. with that hope , want the Mcdonald drive thru for 24hours..and several shooping too “parkson” when sc mall is opened.

  10. i went to sushi king on its first day opening!
    food wise is not too bad, but da service is (N), we waited 9743152473426587134 mins for our sushi to arrive and another 84632984326598326 for udon to arrive (pissed-off)
    it’s their first day, so i understand. hopefully next time they can improve on that (bye)

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