Why is bra singular and panties plural?

16 thoughts on “Why is bra singular and panties plural?”

  1. why… har? (Hmmmmm………)
    i oso have same question…….
    why 1 panties not called pant?

    wei.. wei…
    why you always ask question likedat har?

    why u so likedat?

  2. If I work a full-time job, I think my hours needs to be like 1 to 10 ~_~;; My body naturally likes to sleep from 2am to 10-11am . . . instead of the 10pm to 6am for those 8 to 5 jobs.

  3. If you wanna fish for a loaded bloke, you gotta market yourself. Apply make-up. Camwhore and post your photos to the Web. If you are here, I can be your photographer 😛

  4. emmm…that makes sense (Y) now i know WHY 😀
    hey, wait…bra holds two, shouldn’t it be bras while panties, panty? emmm…
    da spam was just advertising some porn site :-[

  5. hey ur biological clock goes berserk already!
    my zzz time is getting earlier and earlier these days =.= this is what has uni done to me i haz no life O-)

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