Through My Window

21 thoughts on “Through My Window”

  1. I think it’s a sunset! Cos sunrise doesn’t look as rich and warm like that…and yikes, those clouds are exactly what i’ve had for the past week + rain!

  2. emm…my side here…most of da time da sky’s blue unless it rains la…

    btw, today i spotted sun mu kong :-(|) in da air 😀

  3. here Selangor oso berserk lor……..

    7 early 8 early no rain looks like sunny day
    for the whole day
    but suddenly rain or thunderstorm in afternoon or evening…..

  4. Here, it has been raining almost everyday for the last 2 months. Is it because of global warming?

    So gal, do your part to slow down global warming. Use air-con less often 😀

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  6. it’s a SUNRISE!
    i didn’t edit them muchy…all i did were resize and add frames and tapes and some wordings…that’s all!

  7. there’s no aircond in my dorm lo..
    but i always hiong sao when im in lab…i on all da four units of aircond…it’s hot okie…i can’t help =.=

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