Let’s be Honest

PC fair (7-9th May) has finally came to an end (yala, i procrastinate again). phew! i can now sit instead of stand for more than 12 hours *glee*. i learnt so muchy and made many new friends too in this short three working days, my first and the last part-time job in Bint-ulu. though it’s … Continue reading Let’s be Honest


will be the last day for us to hand in our final bound of fyp. then i can proudly declare that i can has graduate! *bouncing up and down in pinkie pantie around the room and then kena tripped by the mess on the floor wtf* ohmaigawd i can’t wait to hand in my babies. … Continue reading Tomorrow

Le Sigh

just when i thought everything is moving steadily on track, something has to intrude and sidetracked it. oh great. just when i have already fixed up my pieces of broken heart, glued them to almost perfect (yala, there’s still flaw la but this is not the point), another problem arose. my stitched back scarred heart … Continue reading Le Sigh

Von’S Burfdae

April was a berry berry hectic month for all of us. thesis, finals (a very last finals of our uni’s life woohoo!) and presentation haunted us from the beginning of the month till 28th which our presentation was held. so bloody glad that IT’S ALL O.V.E.R now! *bounce around the room* *shake butt* can you … Continue reading Von’S Burfdae

99 Facts About Guys

1. Guys don’t actually look after good-looking girls. They prefer neat and presentable girls. (he says – i prefer simple plus a bit cute girl. someone with minimal makeup, t-shirt and jeans also good enough. and of course good looking. haha – excerpt from one of our earliest chatlog. of all qualities he mentioned, i … Continue reading 99 Facts About Guys