Brekkie@Foh San DimSum, Ipoh

19 thoughts on “Brekkie@Foh San DimSum, Ipoh”

  1. Antz, Ipoh sounds like a sin city to you then – food and food. Enjoy yourself and I hope all is well with you. (Haven’t drop by for quite some time, paiseh la)

  2. annant!!

    i think you ladies are the leng lui poster girls for foh san?? should pose with the dumplings next time, then more people will go to foh san to eat haha 😛

    anyway good to see u having fun, less stress more food ya? haha i also am gonna “less stress more food” holidays for 2 months starting now!!

  3. Ipoh is a city full of FOOOOOOOOOODS and lenluis! seriously we were nom-ing non-stop all the way during our stay there, thanks to our hospitable host, Theng ❤

  4. our stay was quite short. that’s why didn’t really explore the city muchy. but i think all the femes ones, we have tasted them! XD

  5. it’s nice. just that i don’t likey scallions 😦
    why oh why dim sum is always full of scallions one T_T

  6. emm…it’s okay if you’re a working adult. actually i donno how muchy the bill was =.= Theng’s friend treated us one…hehe

  7. *blush*

    eh correction ar, it’s gonna be a “less stress more food and fatter” holidays. just kidding wei…have fun babe!

  8. I saw this famous dim sum place when I went on a day trip to Ipoh…but my friends did not take me there. They took me to a restaurant nearby (something like Ruby) – the food there was very nice! Maybe I’ll get to go there next time…

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