Dinner @ New Lane Hawkers, Penang

13 thoughts on “Dinner @ New Lane Hawkers, Penang”

  1. hey…for the asam laksa, u can ask them to take away the green vege if u dun wish to have them… try the one near farlim area … usually ppl called it as farlim shell laksa…

    for the kuey kak, eat those at air itam around lai lai air itam.. only available at night. eat those fried in duck egg 1.. lagi best!! and if u love tong sui, there are a tong sui stall nearby there also… go try wateva tong sui u 1 ranging from red bean, green bean, fan shu tong sui, mak chuk (oat tong sui) n etc… u will definitely love this stall’s tong sui n banned tong sui in kl forever!! mak chuk is the recommended 1..

    for the glutinious dumplings, go to nearby komtar. also available at nite only. it is actually at the lorong between the shop lots. If i am not mistaken, nearby kimnovak, a shop that sell school clothing.. the soup has garlic flavour, and the dumplings have both the unfilled n the one with fillings..

  2. *waaaaave vigorously*!
    thanks for the long ass comment! *appreciative*

    haiya should have consult you where to mum and all that la 😦 actually we didn’t really go cari mum mum cos we were layzie =.= it’s the nearest to us so we gaodim our dinner there then go jalan jalan hehe

    it has never occurred to me that i can actually ask them not to add in the green le! ohmaigawd =.=
    hey have you heard that there’s one stall in ‘Black Water’ actually add toilet paper in their Asam Laksa broth WTF betul-betul la 😦

    i luuuuuuuuurve tong sui! the one you mentioned also at Air Itam? only open at night?

  3. haha…it’s ok…if i am free when i go back pg during cny, we can go jalan jalan cari makan…

    Black water??? duno bout that… but i heard that the stall at air itam near kek lok si area (the one very famous for their laksa one near the air itam market) really add toilet paper in their soup to replace the fish meat…

    yes, the tong sui is at air itam!!! just nearby the kuey kak stall only~~ very very nice 1..

  4. You arrive late at that place….
    Got 1 stall very famous wan always sold out
    pig tripe porridge……..
    when you eat it you forgot where is earth and sky……

    true no lie to you….

  5. as for the laksa i prefer, i prefer the greens with it hehe gives me the original smell n taste.. the cha koay kak doesnt look appetizing though, i have yet to find one good stall yet

  6. @michelle,
    then when are you coming back ar *eyes go high* ehehehehe
    air itam = black water lo. gotta mask it ma later i kena sue seimou :S

    *nudge PeiLei* i wanna mum tong sui XD

  7. Heard of this place, they say quite good…but never been there. Wanted to stay at Sunway but when I called, the girl so very rude – no PR…I changed my mind right away. Was in Penang a week…you never come to see me, take me around jalan2 cari makan leh? Sobs!!!!

  8. cos i no have transport. so i have limited accessibility. i only know queensbay and gurney seimou. haih.
    there’s other yummo hawkers too! my friend bought one penang food guide haha. but weird, i lost 3kilos in the span of my three months stay in Penang. i am not complaining tho LOL

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