What Da Hell Is Going On With Da Stupid Printer??? *updated

wanna swear printer kao kao. lately donno why printer suddenly goes berserk. everything looks fine from da screen. didn’t make u hungry right? printer properties also all-right right? but when ann hits da ok button, thing went not so ok ok. have to cancel printing straightaway. Double A paper is expensive what. da fonts change … Continue reading What Da Hell Is Going On With Da Stupid Printer??? *updated


eppie april’s fool people!!! so are u fooled? or u played pranks on others? which category are u? at first there’s a class at 2pm. suddenly roomie told ann that class is cancelled. then, saw someone’s skype’s message written class cancelled. plz take note.’ u say la. to believe or not le? at first sure … Continue reading Fooled?

So Hot

walao. donno why da weather le.. so hot can die ok. class cancelled. nothing to do so she blogs lo. speaking of yesterday’s function, four words to round up – damn tiring yet fun. stood for 5hours. without sitting. in heels. in cheongsam. saw many lengluis and yingchai. everyone put in efforts to glamorize themselves … Continue reading So Hot

Gimme more

more time. more money. more lurves (she needs your *heart*) more credits. more chocs. more cheeses. more er…six-pack guys. tenkiu. actually got so damn much work to do… bip 3301 amali 6 (doing this before blogging) bip3501 amali 8 bip3301 poultry’s product borrow cheongsam from aimi (too lazy to walk) polish nails prepare tomorrow’s stuffs … Continue reading Gimme more

First One

venue: star cafe date: 20th march 2008 time: 6.40pm theme: black tops + jeans guest: babe ann, babe kei, babe theng, babe von, babe ting, babe fang, babe yeing and babe kelly. NO guyz allowed. tentative: 6.40 –  7.10pm: waited for da bus. 7.20pm: already in da bus. going to our destination which is *finger … Continue reading First One