Two Oh One One

hallo! first post of 2011 at which is also the last one . cos I don’t really blog nowadays, so I don’t see the point of paying for hosting and domain annually. and since I’m no longer active in blogosphere, my earning from nuffnang is getting more and more pathetic *wipe tears* hey don’t … Continue reading Two Oh One One

2010 resolution

this is my first ever (hopefully not da last one) resolution list in my life =.= actually im sibeh exhausted now (just got back from lab), still i must list it down NOW. it’s now or never, i know myself so well one. so here it is. to be financial savvy. i really really need … Continue reading 2010 resolution

Eppie New Year!!!

our loots i have a confession to make! of that loot, i ONLY drank one small cup of 7-up and a cup of sparkling juice and a handful of tit-bits. ZERO alcohol consumed! as one of my new year resolution is, reduce alcohol intake. as it will make me fat and it’s opposed to my another … Continue reading Eppie New Year!!!