What Da *toot*

da How Open Is Open-minded post donno why suddenly disappeared already seimou ;-( can anyone tell me how to retrieve it ar? :-S purleeese!!! didn’t back up this post in my writer 😦 but i have a backup file of antzworl_wordpress_wp_20090409_241.sql.gz but how to restore it? seimou :-S SOS… neo neo help help help :-S :-S :-S :-S … Continue reading What Da *toot*

Geeky Ant

i just upgraded my wordpress to version 2.7.1 ALL by MYSELF O-) without any assistance from this ol’ man 😛 (he did give me some guidance la) haih why am i so geng *smug* and i have finally figured out what da toot is filezilla and i know how to upload file to my server (or … Continue reading Geeky Ant